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Qualified Plan for IRA Rollover Distribution

IRAs have another function. If you are entitled to a lump-sum distribution when you leave an employer with a qualified rollover plan, you can simply rollover it to an existing or new IRA. Don’t worry about co-mingling rollover IRAs and the traditional IRA. That restriction went away some years ago. But, you can’t co-mingle a Roth and traditional IRA rollover accounts. Continue reading

Setting up Your Rollover IRA Distribution

In truth, the phrase “Rollover IRA Distribution” is a bit of a misnomer. A distribution is vastly different from a rollover and, in fact, this type of transaction really undercuts the whole process. However, there’s a way to set up a rollover from one IRA to another that preserves your retirement investments, but it must be separate from a distribution in order to maintain the tax deferred status of your savings. Continue reading